Cleaner Cans – Rexburg to Idaho Falls Trash Can Cleaning

Fantastic! I love that it smells as good as it looks!
Amy Taylor
We had ultimate gross going on! These guys took care of that and were prompt and professional. Very impressed!
Renae Oswald
These are guys are completely professional. It only took 5 minutes to get my can looking like new again. Now I won't have to hear about that nasty smell from my wife every 5 seconds now. Thanks guys
Nate Bair
Mold no more! Thanks for doing such a great job! Now we don't have to hold our breath to take out the garbage!
Kim Hawkes
Cleaner Cans cleaned my nasty can and made it cleaner than I could have ever gotten it. They do great work and have great customer service! I highly recommend them!
Heather Sellers
A HUGE shout out to my friends at Cleaner Cans - Eastern Idaho for making my garbage can look and smell amazing!!!!

Very reasonably priced and they come straight to your home to clean it. #cleanercans #minesneverlookedsogood #cleanisbetter
Laura Roberts
When I first had my garbage can cleaned and sanitized it was amazing. It was the first time it had EVER been cleaned and it came back spotless. I didn't think I would want or need or want a monthly service but I signed up anyway because it is so affordable. Boy was I wrong. After four weeks of summer yard clean up, a couple of thrown out soda cups, picking up after the dog, and my failure to buy sturdy garbage bags, my garbage can was begging to be cleaned out again. I'm so glad that I signed up for the monthly service. It's so worth it.
Micalla Neff
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